Infographic: MassiveHealth Compiles Fascinating Eating Habit Data

by Simons Chase

MassiveHealth compiled data collected by its Eatery app users and other sources to create infographics that offer a glimpse into the future consumerization of healthcare.  The company was purchase by Jawbone in February 2013 extending a trend among startups to combine personal health data, analytics and devices.

Key Findings On Where We Eat

  • Americans who live along the coast eat healthier than those who live in the Midwest and the south
  • We eat 12.7 percent healthier when we eat at home (vs. eating out)

Key Finding On Who Eats What

  • New Yorkers eat 3.2 times more arugula than other cities (NY’s health rating is a high 83.6 percent)
  • Philadelphia residents eat 3.7 times more bagels (Philly’s health rating is a low 28.6 percent)

Key Findings On Who People Eat With

Our friends influence what we choose to eat by 34.5 perent.

This post originally appeared on Food+Tech Connect.

by Simons Chase LBS.CO