Food & Health Startups to Watch on Angellist in 2013

by Simons Chase

As reported by ReadWrite.

AngelList. It’s the place for startups to connect with funding and talent. Just this month, the site has helped raise $12 million in venture funding for a wide collection of startups. It may be the one site that best represents all players in the tech startup universe - from glamorous poster-child to hopeless wanna-be.

Food Startups

  1. Plated - Chef-designed meals you order online and cook at home.
  2. Yummly - Search every recipe in the world.
  3. Munchery - Home-delivered meals from local chefs.
  4. Locu - Manage and design your menu in one place. Publish to many places.
  5. Foodem - Connecting food sellers with food buyers.
  6. Food Genius - Big Data for the food industry.
  7. Love With Food - Sample the best gourmet food, delivered to your door.
  8. Momentum Machines - Gourmet hamburger robots.
  9. Caviar - Get delivery from your favorite San Francisco restaurants. Real time GPS tracking!
  10. Wholeshare - Save money on good food by buying as a group.

Health Care Startups

  1. CakeHealth - Track and optimize your health care for free.
  2. OpenCare - Find health providers and book appointments online.
  3. Counsyl - Prevent genetic disease before pregnancy with a DNA test.
  4. Scanadu - Bringing you the medical tricorder. Check your health as easily as your email.
  5. ShopWell - Your personal nutrition expert.
  6. Ringadoc - A better answering service for a fraction of the price.
  7. GymPact - Never miss another workout.
  8. CareDox - Making health information easily accessible and securely portable.
  9. Meddik - Get answers from people who have been there.
  10. drchrono - Electronic health records built for the iPad.

by Simons Chase - LBS.CO