Bill Gates Expresses Directional View on Global Food Crisis

by Simons Chase

It's all about innovation with plants.  Whether you agree or not with Bill Gates' approach, it is fascinating to observe a luminary technologist express a directional view on global health challenges by lending his resources and imprimatur to "meat analogues", according to his website.  Mark Bittman's New York Times Op-Ed, "A Chicken Without Guilt", supports Gates' efforts.  The article quotes Kathy Freston, "When you 'veganize' food convincingly, people can enjoy a healthier, better version of the traditional favorites."  It's the word inventory around this initiative that worries me because the challenge is with consumer adoption - how to "communify" food alternatives and changes to behavior.  "Veganize" and "meat analogue" seem industrial and abstract. It sounds like Bill Gates under cross examination.  Come on Bill, did you learn nothing from Steve Jobs?

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by Simons Chase - LBS.CO